Children of Multicultures

We have activities for children with multicultural background. These activities are formed by mainly student-volunteers of WELCOME HOUSE. The main activities are tutoring, summer camping for children, and having events such as Halloween Party. We need young volunteers who are interested in these activities. Please contact us if you are interested!


Winter School

Winter School for kids in elementary and junior high schools was taken this place from Dicember 26 to 28. About ten kids with multicultural background gathered and studied with big sisters.  In spite of cold weather, they studied very hard.  They also enjoyed new experience making sweets  and cookies. 

Kids' Christmas Party

We held a kids' Christmas party at Cathedral Hall of Kita 1 jo Church.  We organized the event with staff from Sunday school in the Church.  About twenty children including ones from the school and Seien Kindergarten gathered.  Not only Japanese, there were many children of multicultures like America, France, the Philippines, Poland and Taiwan.   




2.Let's make a candy house!

3.Let's play games!

4.Let's write a Christmas card!


The cards children wrote were sent to places and people below.

・Victims of Tsunami (Kesen and Miyako)


・People in a jail (Naebo)

・Homeless people (We delivered the cards through Minazuki-kai, a group of hot meal service.)

Welcome House School for High School Students

Notice:Currently, we don't hold the school below.


We have started Welcome House School for High School Kids, which is after school tutoring for children with multicultural background.  Junior high school students are also welcome.  If you are interested, please contact us.  


Halloween Party

A Halloween party was taken place at Welcome House .

Ten children from kindergarten to Junior high school gathered and enjoyed playing games, carving pumpkins for lanterns, and sharing ghost stories.   

This Summer School

This Summer School for kids in elementary and junior high schools will be taken this place at this summer. About the kids with multicultural background will gather and study with big sisters.