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Foods and Cultures

Foods and Cultures is a group for foreigners to learn Japanese cooking and for Japanese to learn foreign cooking.  We have cooking once in a while and have fun time learning cooking and also communicating with each other.  Since this group started, we have had various foreign cookings such as Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Brazilian, Mexican, Korean, Taiwanese, etc.

 This group also have gatherings to celebrate Japanese occasions such as Hanami (cherry blossom-viewing picnic), Hinamatsuri (the Doll's Festival), and New Year's.


St Patrick's day

Jijim -Korean Pancake like Dish-

Otsukimi -Moon gaze-

On September 29th, we held Otsukimi party at Welcome House.  We decorated it with some susuki (pampas grass) and just harvested crops.  Also we enjoyed dango and some other foods of the season.  Now very few Japanese cerebrates Otsukimi, so both people from other countries and Japanese got so excited to try to follow this Japanese autumn tradition.

Ramen Salad & Fireworks Party

We held "Ramen Salad & Fireworks Party" on August 11th.  About twenty people gathered and enjoyed cooking and fireworks.

Philippine Dishes, on June 16th

   We had Food and Culture on June 16th.  This time, we learned how to cook Tortang Ginilig Na Baboy and Nilagang Manok, Philippine dishes, by our guest chef, Ms. Susan Fujita.

   Tortang Ginilig Na Baboy is a dish like quiche with a lot of fresh vegetables and Nilagang Manok is Chicken soup.  This soup was very unique.  We put chicken, vegetables and Philippines' vegetable banana!!!  (Can you imagine banana on hot soup?  It's GREAT!!)  The soup itself was very delicious but we also ate it in a different way.  We dipped the ingredients in special sauce made with lemon and fish oil.  It was also delicious. 

   10 people gathered and had a great time. 

Kopytka, Polisch gnocchi, on July 10, 2010

Bangladesh curry on March 27, 2010