The Blue Moon Serenade

Japanese are not familiar with Blue Moon, but in the Philippines, it's known as rarely coming happiness.  There are couples who celebrate a wedding in the Blue Moon day there.  So, we made the night very romantic with violin and guitar music, and singing(Actually, a bride who will marry at Kita 1 jo Catholic Church in October attended.) We also enjoyed talking, reading poems, and tasting foods and drinks we brought.  It was cloudy but the moon sometimes showed her beautiful face between clouds...   We can see next one on July 31, 2015.

Valo Game Party

We had Valo Game Party on June 23rd.  Valo is new type of cards which has not only positive numbers but also negative ones and zero.  The cards were developed as a math learning material for school kids.  (Actually, I thought it's great for them to train their mental calculation skill.)  However,  the most excited players there were adults who tried to remind what they had learned decades ago... (I'm one of them.)  Twelve people gathered and had enjoyable (and so exciting) time.  Some of them suggested that we should have this event once a month. 


WHY NOT??!!!


Next Valo Game Party will be held on July 21st.  Come and join us: )